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Saturn Hip Replacement Arthroplasty

  • Tripod-Finned Cup
  • User friendly instruments
  • Dual coated cup-bone interface
  • Evenly spaced as-cast bead configuration
  • Unique Ortholith® Coated articulation surfaces
  • Acclaimed Diamond Standard Hip Replacement Arthroplasty

Saturn Features

  • Implants manufactured from high carbon ‘as cast’ cobalt chrome alloy with clinical history as a hip bearing of over 40 years.
  • Articulating surfaces are coated with ortholith®, a diamond like carbon, for hardness and lubricity.
  • Specifications of surface roundness and diameter mismatch are aligned with the latest manufacturing technology.
  • Cups are hemispherical - ensuring correct seating on impaction, coated with a titanium plasma spray and a hydroxyapatite layer for cementless implantation, thereby eliminating chromium contact with bone (which would inhibit further on-growth) when the HA is inevitably eventually resorbed.
  • Saturn beads are uniformly spaced using a unique casting technology ensuring optimal bone interlock and reproducibility from one implant to the next. (unlike earlier versions where the beaded bone integrating surface had beads that were randomly spaced)
  • Saturn is manufactured in a comprehensive range of sizes and options including both cemented and cementless femoral components, a dysplasia cup option (in case of a deficient acetabulum) and a range of modular heads (should resurfacing not be indicated and for the rare occasion that a revision of a resurfacing becomes necessary).
  • Saturn instrumentation is designed to simplify use as we continually strive to develop new and better solutions with surgeons as required.

Orthopaedic trauma product range news


Ortho Sol Development (Pty) Ltd has expanded the orthopaedic surgical equipment Trauma product range to compliment our very successful Cyber Leg and Wrist Fixator Range as well as the Fibula Nail.

Already available is a very competitively priced full range of K Wires and Steinman Pins.

Our full range of Volar Plates will be available within the next few weeks.

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