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Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion


Easy to use instruments are available, comprising the following:

  • “T” handle to hold the spacer trial. (Code: OSASTH)
  • “T” handle for cage insertion (Code: OSACH)
  • Spacer trials for each of the sizes in the table above (Codes as per table)

Cage Insertion Technique

  • Insert the trial into the space where the disc has been removed.
  • Release the retractors.
  • Ensure that the trial fits correctly in the disc space.
  • If the fit is correct, prepare the cage size that corresponds to the trial size and prepare it with bone (allograft, or autograft bone). See appendix A.
  • Insert the cage into the disc space, ensuring that it is positioned centrally with reference to the lateral aspects.
  • The depth of the cage is determined by the stopper on the inserter. (This depth is ideally about 1mm posterior to the anterior cortex.)

Appendix A

  • The cage can be filled with either autograft bone (e.g. from the iliac crest), allograft bone (e.g. lyophilized bone, freeze dried bone), or else bone substitute (e.g. tri-calcium phosphate, bi-calcium phosphate, etc).
  • The choice of void filler used is the surgeon’s preference after the necessary benefits have been carefully considered.
  • Void filler should ideally protrude fractionally from both the cephalad and the caudal planes of the cage to allow for the initial resorbtion that occurs

Orthopaedic trauma product range news


Ortho Sol Development (Pty) Ltd has expanded the orthopaedic surgical equipment Trauma product range to compliment our very successful Cyber Leg and Wrist Fixator Range as well as the Fibula Nail.

Already available is a very competitively priced full range of K Wires and Steinman Pins.

Our full range of Volar Plates will be available within the next few weeks.

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